Thank you!

Like the expression: "It takes a village to raise a child", the same can be re-written for any new business venture: "It takes a network of family, friends and colleagues to launch a business". When Van and I started this journey together we knew that our mission was solid. We also knew we could only achieve our destination through the steady guidance and leadership we have tracked along the way with you; our family, friends and colleagues. There is no doubt in our mind that our success will be in no small parts to your contributions, no matter the type or size. So thank you from both of us. We could not have arrived at this point without our "peeps".  We will do our best to "pay it forward".

Our combined extended families without them this just is not possible. Our associates your insights, feedback, encouragement keep us going:  Justin Sirotin at Octo, Jim Stallman, Dave Petty, and Mic at Stallman Inc., AJ Tingle, Jerry Heckendorn, Mike Vergano, David Falge, Rich Larocco, Doug Canniglia, Rory Smith, Darryl Shorter, Len Pannarelli at Reversible Lifestyle, Rasyad Chung,  Steven Tulenko, Jeff Caruso, Matt Winningham, Coach Caitlin Hansen, Coach Keely McDonald & Coach Fred McFarlin.

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