So You Think You Might Need More?


We Have Team Orders Too!

5 is the magic number. It's like our version of a baker's dozen. For every 5 pockets you purchase
at our regular price we include an
additional one for FREE.

No seriously, FREE. 
So 5=6, 10 =12, 15 = 18 and so on.

Team Order Phenix M1 - Ultra Grip - Frosted

Buy 5 Get 1 Free
The More You Buy the Better the Deal

Installable in less than 5 minutes and constructed from tear & weather resistant material the Phenix M1 Ultra-Grip is a rough ball-friendly surface engineered to withstand the high energy impact of lacrosse. Built in throw string ridges on the outer surface eliminate the need for adjustment coupled with our True Target™ channel to ensure consistent exit paths the "What Ifs" have become the "Whats Next". 


NOTE: Team Orders Sold in Units of 6

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