10 Minutes is all it takes

Stringing the Hero Phenix M1 Super Pocket is as simple as lacing a shoe.



Engineered to Play

Hero pockets are built to play right off the shelf. This is true from part "A" to part "Z", that is what makes us unique, different and viable. Every effort is made to create a positive experience from the moment we open our doors to the one when we send our products out to you to be put to the test on a field.

Hero Phenix M1 Lacrosse pocket stringing illustration

Break-in time?

What break-in time? With our pockets there is no mesh to "pound" or fibers to "break". You'll get correct depth and placement off the shelf or out of the box. Installing a Hero pocket takes as long as re-lacing your shoes. That's it. Compared to industry standards like hard and soft mesh it's a no-brainer. Purchase one today and start saving time.