Installing, and creating a consistent reliable pocket has been a pain point for lacrosse coaches and their players at the youth level. How many times has a coach repaired, fixed or restrung every pocket on their youth team? How many parents have struggled helping their child install, break-in or repair a mesh pocket? How many players want their next pocket to throw as consistently as their last? Three plus years ago these ideas fueled us to ask—

"What If"?

We asked ourselves this question many times in different ways. "What If" a pocket could be a repeatable form? "What If" it was immune to changes in the weather? "What If"it was as easy to replace as the laces in your cleat? Well, this is our answer; installs in less than 10 minutes and constructed from tear & weather-resistant material, the Phenix M1 is engineered to withstand the high energy impact of lacrosse. Built in throw string ridges on the outer surface eliminate the need for adjustment coupled with our True Target™ channel to ensure consistent exit paths for release of the ball. "What If" has become —

"Whats Next"?  

Hero Phenix M1 Lacrosse pocket Front view


The one true pre-formed interchangeable pocket
designed specifically for the newbie.

Soft Uni-Bodied Construction
Active Memory Material to Retain Shape
Abrasion Resistant Material
Tear Resistant Material
Fade Resistant Material

Hero Phenix M1 Lacrosse pocket side view


Built with the beginner in mind, this pocket is the
ultimate way for early stage players to get into and stay in the game.

Simple to String
10 Minute Installation
Mid Option Caters to the Average Player Style
Easy to Swap to Try Other Styles or Replace
 True Target ™ Ball Flight for Consistent Passing and Shooting
Encourages Proper Passing and Shooting Techniques

Hero Phenix M1 Lacrosse pocket side view with head

Head Compatibility

Our pockets are compatible with the majority of "U" type heads on the market:

"U" style heads are made by most if not all brands on the market.