Audience Participation Required

Help Us Pick Our Color!



At Hero we are always striving to make products that are better for our consumer. We have decided to take that initiative to the next level by having "you" help us select our next color way. As crazy as it may sound there are considerable resources and time required to custom build colors to match in a specific material, so bear with us as we grow to meet the demand. The bottom line is, we want to deliver products that are made for you our customer. Our plan is to eventually get to them all, but for the initial runs we need your help. So far "Clear" and "Smoke" are leading the charge. Head on over to our Phenix M1 product page and scroll down midway to see our color options and cast your vote today! Clear, Bird Blue, Heel Blue, Midshipmen Gold, Upstate Orange, Devil Blue, Smoke, Dane Purple, Green and Big Red. Thanks for helping.