Hero's re-definition of a lacrosse pocket.


The lacrosse pocket re-defined.

The lacrosse pocket has been around for 30 years with very minimal change. There are plenty of variations on a theme; hard mesh, soft mesh, wax sticks, infused mesh, sidewall stringing patterns, throw string material and lacing, it's hard to keep track, even for the experienced player. Parents, newbies and intermediate players need an easier path to success. In 2013 my partner and I hatched a plan to get us there. We thought we could help by creating a soft pre-formed easily strung pocket. With a lot of perseverance and design know-how as well as plenty of good will by friends, family and strategic partners we made it happen. We are not only proud of what we have made but hope that it will help emerging growth area kids who have found lacrosse to stick with lacrosse by creating an easier path to on-field success.