Select one of our super-pockets to test out for 5 days
and we’ll ship it to you, on us!

How it works  Select the link below for "Hero In-Home Demo"

How it works

Select the link below for
"Hero In-Home Demo"  

We’ll mail it to you on our dime.
Try for 5 business days, and see if it works for you. We hold the full price of the pocket plus shipping until you purchase or return the item.
Save your original box.  

Buy at anytime

Make it your own, anytime during
the demo period.  

Send us an email with your order number in the subject line along with “I want it now”.
We will contribute $1 towards your
selected charity. Make sure to read through
the options below.

Return your super-pocket

If you choose not to buy it after your
5 days are up, send it back to us.

Ship the super-pocket in the original
box to our HQ listed in the page footer. Email us the tracking number (DemoReturns@herolacrosse.com)
and ship date, done.

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Please make sure you save your original packaging,
it will help if you decide to return it after your demo is over.