Phenix M2 - Ultra Grip - Lacrosse Pocket - Frosted

M2 Frosted
M2 Frosted

Phenix M2 - Ultra Grip - Lacrosse Pocket - Frosted

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Our Hero Lacrosse pocket is installable in less than 5 minutes and constructed from tear & weather resistant material the Phenix M2 Ultra-Grip is a ball-friendly surface engineered to withstand the high energy impact of lacrosse. 49 built in throw string holes add the ability to adjust ball release based on user preference. Coupled with our True Target™ channel ensures consistent exit paths time and again. Your "What Ifs" have become "Whats Next". 


Features & Benefits

49 Additional throw-string holes
New formulation - Ultra-Grip
High durable industrial grade elastomer
Stain and dye-resistant
US Spec shape
NCAA and NFHS specification compliant

Included in Package

Phenix M2 Ultra-Grip Pocket
36" Sidewall Lacing