We have crafted the ultimate interchangeable lacrosse pocket. Designed for the truest and most consistent ball flight in the market and made specifically for newbies. 

Hero Lacrosse pocket youth action

The Why

With the lacrosse industry gaining steam and growing in new and emerging markets the resources and experience needed to string a stick are almost non-existent. In fact most players in the current lacrosse hotbeds do not possess the kind of stringing voodoo necessary to create the perfect pocket. Whether its a pre-strung stick or a blank head that needs a new pocket consumers require considerable resources in either time or money to get results that lead to success on the field.  Figuring out hole patterns, string tension, and various forms of knot tying skills are not for the faint of heart. At Hero we understood this frustration and answered the call with a product that can be strung in less than 10 minutes in a pattern as simple as lacing your shoe.

We know where we came from. More importantly, we know where we’re going.

Hero lacrosse pockets are designed and manufactured entirely in North America. With over 60 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience we are driven by a true passion for lacrosse and a dedication to growing the sport.

Hero Phenix M1 Lacrosse pocket stringing detail


If you worked with our team you would see that the construction of every part of your Hero pocket receives the same attention to detail that makes any current custom pocket hum. Correct angles, slopes, and curves for true ball flight. Textures, and grip to hold the ball in your stick, and of course customization that makes the pocket uniquely "yours". We believe that if you’re going to make something, you might as well make it perfect. With careful attention to playing styles and levels of players, we have crafted the ultimate pockets for the truest and most consistent ball flight. 

We promise to take as much pride in the refinement of the Hero pocket design as we do its performance. 

Hero Phenix M1 Lacrosse pocket material detail

Research & Development

Hero's fine-tuned and efficient process allows us to have a unique product lifecycle unlike any other in the industry. Our mission, to create elegant products that accentuate player athleticism, relies on our attention to minute details. We demand that our parts adhere to high manufacturing and design standards for shape, material-use and performance. These requirements keep us sane and help our consumers perform to their peak levels on the field.