Hero Phenix M2

What Player Needs Consistent Performance? Every Player.
Start your new year off right with the gift of consistent passing. 
Order our NEW M2 now, to see what our pre-formed pocket can do for your game.

Hi-my name is Griffin, and I ordered your product. I strung it in 7 minutes and was blown away by your performance. You have made the game so much easier for beginners. I can’t thank you enough.
— Griffin from Westchester, NY

49 additional throw string holes for: 
greater control, increased flexibility, throw string customization and reduced weight.

Available in Frost, Devil Blue, Smoke, Midshipmen Yellow (arriving soon) and Upstate Orange.


User Inspired...M2

Our new M2 has an integrated throw-string hole pattern that decreases the overall weight and creates over 200% more flexibility in the top area of our pocket. 

We evaluated and listened to what the Hero test team and our early adopters had to say and we have answered.

The new modifications were a direct result of that user related feedback. Thanks to everyone that contributed to our story - you will be forever be a part of our history from this moment forward.


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